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 About Us

    Shaoxing Transparent Armoring Materials Ltd engage in developing, producing and marketing light-weight transparent armoring materials or bullet-resistant glass. Since 2001, the company has been studied and developed innovative technology which improve performance of transparent armoring materials. At present, the thickness or weight of our bullet-resistant glass has been reduced to less than 50% of conventional bullet-resistant glass at the same protection level.

     The company has top scientists with training/working/studying experience in famous university or institutes in the world such as Cornell University in USA. The company has a strong team which conducts advanced research and development in transparent armoring materials. This team has developed new products for company self, also lead customers to new applications of our light-weight transparent armoring materials, and help customers develop new products such as military vehicles or civil safety glass windows.

     The company has unique facilities which can annually produce 200 thousands square meters of bullet-resistant glass, also the company invested in special equipment for quality test such as glass strength, glass light transmission rate, glass resistant to high temperature (700C) or low temperature (-600C). We are welcome global investors to participate in our business development, and establish manufactories in various regions of the world.      We encourage you to bring us a challenge, which can excite the enthusiasm of our study. We thank you for your attentions to our products and services. Please let us know your thoughts about applications of our light-weight transparent armoring materials to a new field.