Shaoxing MingTou Transparent Armor Material LTD.--Founded in September 28, 2006, mainly engaged in high-strength transparent composite materials research and development, production and sales. Founder of the company in 1995 by the famous USA PhD, which lasted eight years research and development into ultra-thin high-strength composite materials transparent set of production technology. 2007 won the National Science and Technology and other five ministries awarded "China new product certificate", and through a variety of national standards and international Certificates.

      1.China Ordnance Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center of bullet-proof issued by the military standard Certificates (GJB / Z 9001A-2001, Certificates number 03JA379) --- Product: 12.7 mm thick GA13A products - anti-79 type 7.62mm light machine guns of the H Level requirements
      2. USA's most authoritative proof material testing institutions (HP White Laboratory, Inc.) Reached the USA NIJ-STD-0108.01 standard in bulletproof standards 2 Level, (Test Report Number: HPWLI 10017-01A)) --- Products: 13 mm thick GA13MM

  • Chinese Foreign Ministry
  • China Carrier Rocket Research Center
  • Design Center of China Aerospace Environment
  • Air Force Armament Department
  • Third Corps of Engineers Institute
  • 28 Institute of Electronics
  • Dongfeng Motor Group
  • Chongqing Iron Horse Group
  • Chongqing Changjiang River Group